COVID -19 FAQ For Student

Australian Nursing And Training Services (ANTS) has been closely monitoring COVID-19 situation and following advice from the Federal and NSW Health. At this time these measures do not include the closure of schools or universities which are to remain open in safe environment. ANTS will therefore continue to operate classes as normal and has established its own measurement in place to follow by all students, visitors and staff at all time.

Australian Nursing And Training Services encourages students to stay home if you have flu like symptoms and get immediately for COVID and notify us the outcome.

  1. Do I have to scan the NSW QR code at arrival
    Yes, you need scan ANTS QR code and answer all questions correctly
  2. Do I have to wear Mask
    We encourage all students to wear mask if the 1.5m of distance can not be maintained.
  3. How do I catch up with my classes if I am sick and cannot attend the classes?
    We will organize you a support class. Please inform us when you feel sick
  4. I live with someone positive to COVID-19, but I am tested negative
    No, you cannot come to class and we would like you to monitor further symptoms and inform us.
  5. Do I have to have booster vaccine to study the course
    Yes, without booster vaccine we can not place you at workplace.
  6. Do I have to show my vaccine certificate?
  7. Do I have to submit my vaccine certificate at arrival in the class?
    No, but you have to provide for work placement.
  8. I have finished my training, can I go to workplace
    Yes, you can, we will be working with our industry to place you. Contact us if need further information.
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